Monday, January 9, 2012

White Sound

White sound can be defined as the sound or sound that emanates when you combine the different frequencies of sound. In relation to human ear, this is the sound that we will hear if all possible and possible sounds are blended and combined together. This type of sound can be used to mask the effect of other sounds and is commonly used by musicians. Medically, white sound has proven to be quite beneficial for tinnitus sufferers as it helps them to mask the constant ringing in their ears.

Tinnitus is a condition in which the person experiences or hears different noises in his or her ear. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for this problem but there are various ways by which you can control its severity.

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One of the best ways of cutting down the sound in your ear is to use a white sound machine which can provide much relief to the individual. This equipment is very useful especially at evening when the constant sounds can make sleeping highly difficult for the individual.


Tinnitus masker is one such program based on the white sound principle which can offer much relief to people suffering from this condition. In this device, advanced software technology is used to create a combination of different sounds, natural and synthetic, which helps the person to relax or sleep. Filtered sound generations can also be attached to mask certain sound frequencies which irritate the sufferer more. This program is usually available as CDs and MP3 recordings which can be played in the room while the person is sleeping or relaxing. It can also be played during driving and work to avoid interference of other sounds helping the individual concentrate on his task at hand.

The use of ‘white noise’ has also been propagated by Thomas Coleman, a leading health advisor and writer in his book, Tinnitus Miracle. The five step holistic approach outlined in this guide can offer tinnitus sufferers the much needed relief from the constant buzzing in their ears. The methods are simple and easy to perform and help you get relief from the condition in just two months time without the use of any kind of medications, treatment or surgery. This book is the ultimate guide which can teach you how to relax and sleep soundly using a combination of yoga and meditation and other simple techniques making life effective once again. 

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Ringing in ears or tinnitus is a fairly common problem in elderly people. Though no permanent cure is available, there are different ways by which you can reduce the symptoms and get relief. Some of the best ways are to make use of white

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